Service Alerts

If there are any issues with our network or services, you need to know as soon as possible. Our Service Alerts, which are free to Refinitiv customers, will send you updates via Refinitiv Messenger or email so you know what's going on straight away. And because they can be tailored to the Refinitiv services you use, you can make sure you only receive alerts that matter to you.

NEW :   Changes to Service Alerts

Recent enhancements to Service Alerts now allow you to access the service using your Customer Zone login details. A Reuters Account Administration user name is no longer required or accepted.

Thomson Reuters priority service alerts

Thomson Reuters is taking steps to improve the speed and accuracy of information given to customers during major service incidents. A prioritised alert service is now available following feedback from customers. Subscribed customers will get a clearly-marked PRIORITY Alert in the event of the most severe issues.