Description: treasury front, middle and back offices, risk management
Is this a Data Source on RMDS?: No
Business Function: Thomson Reuters Data Feeds, Other consolidated Data Feeds, Direct Exchange Data, Vendor contributions, Server side consolidation of multiple data sources, Development Tools, Tick Database, Enterprise Extensions (i.e. MQ Series), Web/Internet Application Servers, Order Management, Trading, Trade Analytics, Programmatic/Algo Trading, Margin, Tick Database, Securities Processing, Settlement, Reconcilliation, Portfolio Management, Order Management, Portfolio Risk, Portfolio Mgt./Accounting, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Asset Liability Management
Asset Type: Institutional Equities
Operating System: Linux, Solaris, Windows
Thomson Reuters Platform: Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP)

Company: SoftWell Consulting
Address: Office 2602, 72/4, Leningradsky prospect, Moscow, Russia, 125315
Sales Contact - Telephone: +7 495 642 6358
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