Alerts and Notifications


  • Service Alerts
    Promptly receive real-time Service Alerts to notify you of network and service issues as they happen.

    Available via Refinitiv Messenger, SMS, and email
    Can be tailored to the Refinitiv services you use


  • Content Notifications
    Subscribe for planned content changes, covering real-time and historical data across all asset classes relevant to you.
    Thomson Data Notifications
    Upcoming data changes that impact Thomson product users are collated here for download and review.
  • RIC Change Events
    Subscribe and be alerted to planned changes to Refinitiv Instrument Codes before they happen.
  • Product Change Notifications
    Get notified when your product has new or enhanced functionality or a product change occurs that may require action by you. Receive critical security information essential in protecting your desktop.
  • Quarterly Notifications
    Download Quarterly Notifications and get a summary of product and service changes announced by our Third Party data suppliers.
  • Singapore Data Centre (SG1) Power Down maintenance exercise
    Refinitiv is conducting a power and critical services maintenance event on 16th and 17th November 2013 for the Singapore Data Center (SG1).